City of Wellington, Kansas
City of Wellington, KS

About Wellington

There are several elements that make Wellington unique. From the official Kansas Wheat Festival, to Wellington Heat Baseball, to our historic downtown-- these are things you won’t find anywhere else. But what truly makes Wellington stand out is its residents.

At nearly 8,000 strong, Wellington residents represent all walks of life. Building on a rich agricultural tradition, farmers make up a large portion of Wellington's population. Having harvested record numbers of wheat  in both 2012 and 2013, Wellington farmers embrace the historical significance of Kansas agriculture while also carrying it into the future.

Manufacturing has shaped Wellington, as well, with aircraft making an especially powerful impact. Like the farmers of Wellington, the manufacturers have taken the traditional values of Kansas-- hard work, persistence, and commitment to purpose-- and provided not only jobs, but also a lifestyle for members of the community.

These ideals are alive in the local schools, also, with Wellington students leading the way in both academics and athletics. Tennis, track,  golf-- all have seen local students make runs for State titles in recent years. And, having earned the Governor’s Achievement Award for excellence in reading and mathematics, our students are focused on setting the standard for Kansas schools.       

Wellington-- a city of tradition with an eye towards what’s next.