Animal Control

Animal Control Responsibilities

  • Ensure all dogs have current tags and rabies vaccinations
  • Patrol the City of Wellington for stray animals
  • Pick up dead animals from City streets and property
  • Answer citizen complaints about animals
  • Distribute and set animal traps
  • Maintain log on distribution of animal traps
  • File long form complaints with City Prosecutor on violations of the City's animal ordinance
  • Committed to providing excellent public service
Wellington Animal Control Officer:  Forrest Schultz


Wellington Animal Ordinances
Wellington Humane Society

Winter dog and cat

Useful Tips

  • Turn Dog Houses So The Cold North Wind Isn't Blowing Right Into Them & Insulate Dog Houses With Hay Or Straw For Added Warmth In Colder Temperatures
  • Provide Access To Plenty Of Fresh Water, Because "Pets Needing Less Water In Cold Weather" Is A Myth
  • Be Sure Your "Escape Artist" Dogs That Must Be Tethered To Avoid Running-At-Large Are Tethered Properly On A Trolley
  • Be Sure Dogs And Cats Are Up To Date On Rabies Shots And Dogs Have Current City Tags Which Are Good From Jan 1st-Dec 31st Of Each Year
  • Be Sure To Spay And Neuter Your Pets To Help Reduce Their Desire To Roam, Cut Down On Aggressive Behavior, And Lower Their Risk Of Getting Certain Types Of Cancer