Fire Suppression and History

Wellington Firehorses - Arcadia Hose CompanyRecords indicate the City of Wellington Fire Department began in 1880 and was called the Arcadia Hose Company. The city had a total of four fire stations, one in each of the four wards. When a fire was reported, the first firefighter to reach the bell tower on City Hall rang the bell. The number of rings would indicate the number of the ward that was to response. In 1895, the four fire stations were combined into one station, and was called the Wellington Fire Company.

Wellington Fire DepartmentThe current department consists of 18 shift personnel. Shifts are comprised of three shifts with six people per shift. In addition to the shift personnel we have the Fire Chief and Accounting Clerk. The Department operates out of one station and serves the City of Wellington, plus two fire districts and 26 miles of the Kansas Turnpike. Included in our coverage area are several commercial businesses, B.N.&S.F. Railroad and many industries dealing with the aircraft industry. Sumner County, known statewide as the Wheat Capitol of the World, is heavily into agriculture. This presents the fire department with the usual problems associated with rural fire and EMS protection.

There are many different levels of certification in the fire service. Please click the below link for more information about the certification held by Wellington FIre/EMS personel.

Fire Certifications

The Fire Department Celebrated Its 125th Anniversary In 2005.