Staff Directory

City Manager's Office


Finance Director's Office

Shane J. Shields--City Manager 620-326-3631   Finance Director 620-326-2811
Jason Newberry-- Assistant City Manager for Utilities/ IT 620-326-3631   Mary Green--Treasurer 620-326-3399
Shawn DeJarnett --City Attorney 620-326-3631   Sandy Brownlee--Utility Billing Supervisor 620-326-2821
Robin Hubbard--Executive Assistant 620-326-3631      
Aaron Redford--IT/GIS Technician 620-326-3631      
Jerry Zoglmann--Human Resources 620-326-3631      

City Clerk


Building Department

Carol Mericle--City Clerk 620-326-2811   Richard Jack--Building Official 620-326-3871
Stacey Fair--Administrative Clerk 620-326-2811   Jamie Cornejo--Zoning Official 620-326-3871
Lori Hernandez--Accts. Payable Clerk 620-326-2811   Aaron Norton--Code Compliance Official 620-326-3871
Milt Robinson--City Maintenance 620-326-2811      

Legal and Police Court


Public Safety (Non-emergency)

Frank Korte--Municipal Judge 620-326-2615   Tracy Heath--Chief of Police 620-326-3331
Kerwin Spencer--Prosecuting Attorney 620-326-6199   Tim Hay--Fire Chief 620-326-7443
Sherri Estes--Municipal Court Clerk 620-326-2791   In case of emergency 911

Electric Departments


Water Departments

Travis Horsch--Electric Production Supervisor 620-326-2561   Mike Clift--Water Production Supervisor 620-434-5353
John Bales--Electric Distribution Supervisor 620-326-7211   Randy Condit--Water Distribution Supervisor 620-326-3011
      Gilbert Berryman--Waste Water Supervisor 620-326-7031

Public Works



Jeremy Jones--Director of Public Works 620-326-7831   Roy Kabureck--Park Department Supervisor 620-326-5041
Darren Vargas--Street Department Supervisor 620-326-7831   Doug Kinney--Lake Supervisor 620-434-5454
--City Mechanic 620-399-1358   Wellington Recreation Center 620-326-3323
Tracy Thomas--Administrative Assistant 620-326-7831   Swimming Pool 620-326-5623



Sanitation Department

James Hearlson--Caretaker 620-326-7937   Nathan Nuss--Sanitation Supervisor 620-326-5951
      --Compost Site Attendant 620-326-0674
      --Landfill Attendant 620-326-5951

Wellington Municipal Airport


Wellington Municipal Golf Course

Matthew Wiebe--Airport Manager 620-440-2213   Derek Harrison--Director of Golf 620-326-7904
      Golf Course Maintenance Building 620-399-1361