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Recycling Changes Effective July 11, 2020

Posted on Thursday July 09, 2020

Due to the continued changes in the recycling industry, markets and sorting operations, the Wellington Recycling Center will no longer be able to accept #2 plastics.  Vendors are requiring plastics to be baled rather than loose shipped as we have been doing.  Our space, equipment and staffing only allow time to bale two different materials, i.e. cardboard and #1 plastic.  These requirements were placed upon us immediately, therefore, we must also act immediately.  Beginning Saturday ~ July 11th, #1 plastics will be accepted, with lids removed, and placed in bags rather than large boxes, to be baled.  We will continue to accept other paper, aluminum and tin as we have.  A full list of accepted materials can be found on the City’s website,, Public Works, Sanitation links under the Government drop down menu on our homepage.                                              

For additional information, please contact the Public Works Department at (620) 326 7831.