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Recreational Equipment Uses

Posted on Monday July 13, 2020

Recently, the City Code Official has noticed the improper use of recreational equipment in residential areas and will be patrolling for Code violations including this. Please refer to the Code of the City of Wellington regarding recreational equipment being utilized for living situations:  


Sec. 40-709 of the Code of the City of Wellington reads as follows:

“Major recreational equipment such as boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, pickup campers or coaches, except when mounted on a vehicle, camping buses or converted trucks, and tent trailers shall not be stored in a residential district except within an enclosed building, or behind the front setback line in the side or rear yard.

A. On a corner lot such equipment shall be kept back of the front setback lines on both street sides.

B. No such recreational equipment shall be utilized for living, sleeping, housekeeping or storage purposes when parked on a residential lot or in any location not approved for such use.

C. No utility hookups shall be permitted for recreational equipment.”


For questions or concerns, please contact the Building & Codes Dept. at (620) 326 3871.