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Public Building Commission


It shall be the duty of the Public Building Commission to develop preliminary plans and cost estimates and supervise the construction of, addition to, or alteration of any building approved by Council, based upon a statement of need, including specified requirements and specifications.

Municipal Code adopted by Ordinance #4044 on 7/7/2009
Chapter 2, Article III, Division 3
Sec. 2-107. Created; purpose.

The public building commission of the City of Wellington, Kansas, is created for the purposes of, and shall have the powers and shall perform the functions set forth in, K.S.A. 12-1757 et seq., as amended and supplemented, including by Charter ordinance of the city (the "Act"), provided that the public building commission of the City of Wellington, Kansas, may not adopt a resolution of intent relating to the issuance of its bonds to pay the costs to renovate, remodel and improve the existing Memorial Auditorium building of the city and the leasing of such Memorial Auditorium project to the city, unless the question of the city requesting the issuance of such bonds and leasing such project from the public building commission is first approved by a majority of the electors of the city voting at an election wherein such question is submitted to such electors. Such election, if held, shall be conducted by the county election officer and in accordance with the provisions of the general bond law. The governing body of the city, by ordinance or Charter ordinance, hereafter taking effect, shall have the authority to further limit, expand or otherwise alter the purposes, powers functions of the public building commission.
(Ord. No. 3228, § I; Ord. No. 3998, § 1, 7-17-2007; Ord. No. 4027, § 1, 9-16-2008)

Sec. 2-108. Composition.
The public building commission shall be composed of five members. In the event that the public building commission provides buildings or structures that are leased to governmental entities other than the city, the composition of the commission shall be modified by subsequent ordinance of the council to conform to the requirements of the Act and the governing body shall approve such buildings or structures.
(Ord. No. 3228, § II; Ord. No. 3998, § 2, 7-17-2007)

Board Members:

Name Term Ends*
John M. Lloyd (n/a)
Tom Starkey (n/a)
Michael Wilmoth
Anne Zeka
* Term does not expire


Meets only as needed at City Hall in Council Chambers