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City Clerk/Finance Director

The City Clerk/Finance Director’s office performs a variety of administrative functions important to the efficient and effective delivery of government services. Many of the functions take place behind the scenes, although, they are fundamental to the operation of the City.

Responsibilities include, record keeping of official council proceedings, certification of all ordinances and resolutions, issuance of certain licenses and permits (e.g. sale of cereal malt beverage licenses, occupational licenses (door to door sales), dog registration/tags), and administration of official oaths to governing body members when elected. Other activities include the management of cemetery records, the sale of cemetery lots, and handling of open records requests. The City Clerk/Finance Director is designated as the City’s Freedom of Information Officer.

Accounting functions for the city are also performed by this office. Accounts payable and receivable, and monthly accounting tasks are the responsibility of staff in the office. The City Treasurer manages the investments for the City, the bid and request for proposal’s process, and maintains various financial records.

The City Clerk/Finance Office consists of the City Clerk/Finance Director, City Treasurer, Accounting Clerk, and Administrative Clerk. The City Clerk/Finance Director is also responsible for the Municipal Court, Utility Billing/Collection Department, and the City Building Maintenance Department.