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Utility Billing/Collection

The Utility Billing/Collection Office is responsible for the setting and billing for all city utilities and the reading of utility meters. City utilities include electric, water, and sewer services, and trash collection. The office is also responsible for issuing prepaid cards for the City’s bulk water station. Contact the Utility Billing/Collection Office to set new utility services, or if you are transferring from one address to another within the city utility system.

The department is under the responsibility of the City Clerk/Finance Director and consists of one supervisor, 2 utility billing clerks, and 2 meter readers.


Bulk Water Station:

The Bulk Water Station is located at 420 S. US Highway 81 and is available for use 24 hours a day. The station accepts cash as well as a preloaded bulk water card that can be obtained at the Utility Billing Office during regular business hours. The preloaded card requires a $5.00 refundable deposit. The cost of bulk water is $10.00 per thousand gallons. It is available from either a 2 inch camlock or a 3 inch overhead fill.


Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Meter

A Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Meter is available on a loan program from the Utility Billing Office. The meter allows a consumer to connect any 110 volt appliance to the meter and it will show how much electricity the appliance is using. The meter is loaned out for a 30 day period with a signed loan agreement.