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After the Fire

The information below is provided to assist you in reducing your losses and help speed your return to a normal lifestyle.

  • Salvage Hints
  • Document Replacement
  • Insurance
  • Money Replacement
  • Food Management

There are two questions that are typically asked after a structure fire has occurred. Those questions are below with answers provided.


1. Why was it necessary for firefighters to break the windows and cut holes in the roof?

As a fire burns, it moves upward, then outward, Removing windows and cutting holes in the roof, ventilation in firefighting terms, stops that damaging outward movement of smoke and heat, enabling firefighters to locate potential victims, and fight the fire more efficiently resulting in less damage overall. This procedure also reduces the risk of serious injury to firefighters.


2. Why did the firefighters put holes in the walls and ceiling?

Holes are cut in the walls and ceilings so firefighters can ensure that there is no “hidden” fire inside the walls, behind partitions, or above ceilings.