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History of Wellington Municipal Airport

1967 ---- Purchased acreage adjacent to current runway. Total acreage 29.902
1969 ---- Lengthened current runway 17/35 to 3500', FAA grant with 20 year obligation

1974 ---- Site selection and Environmental Impact Study.
1975 ---- Airport Master Plan.
1976 ---- Application for FAA funding of new runway and land acquisition $760,000. 
City election Bond Issue passed for 10% matching funds. Taxiway improvements south end.
1977 ---- Purchased ground for Airport lagoon system. 3.983 acres
1978 ---- Appointment of 5 member Airport Authority Board

1980 ---- Land and building acquisitions by City and Airport Authority, purchased with FAA grant to City, SCKEDD loan to Authority and bank loan to Authority. Total acreage: 187.731
Sold acreage to WIDC. 22.254. NDB installed. City installed airport sewer, lagoon and water lines
1981 ---- Rotating Beacon installed
1983 ---- New ramp taxiway, access road, runway 17/35 overlay installed by FAA grant
ALP update/Bucher & Willis. Revision of Minimum Standards for commercial use of airport
Proposal for automated FSS Station
1984 ---- Authority completed new terminal building. Future T-Hangar site survey performed by Bucher-Willis. Fuel & Delivery System for avgas/mogas installed
1986 ---- VOR/DME Instrument approach designed and approved
1987 ---- Fuel & Delivery System for Jet A installed. New 4-Unit T Hangar constructed/ concrete floors & ramps. FAA Grant application for land acquisition, relocate 2 businesses, MIRL, REILS, PAPI, taxiway reflectors and relocate rotating beacon. New building additions constructed; Horton, Inc. & Lamar Electro-Aire. New building additions planned: PreMac & Air Plains
1989 ---- Purchased equipment for snow removal. ALP update Bucher Willis & Ratliff.
New 6-Unit T Hangar constructed/concrete floors & ramps

1990 ---- ALP update Bucher Willis & Ratliff. FAA Grant application for new runway
1991 ---- Purchased mowing equipment
1992 ---- Purchased fuel truck. Purchased mowing equipment. Expansion Precision Machining Bldgs.
1994 ---- Purchase mowing equipment. Expansion Air Plains Bldgs. Refinanced airport loans @ lower interest rates. Cracks repaired on runway & taxiway. Expansion private t-hangars
1995 ---- Plans for constructing new 10-unit T-Hangar initiated. Port Authority By-Laws updated. DTN weather system established by donations. Purchase ground adjacent to airport with maintenance shop. Total acreage: .75. Expansion Horton Bldg. & parking
1996 ---- 3-mile Ordinance limiting structures near an airport in Sumner County established and approved. Bridge constructed between terminal bldg and t-hangars. New unicom and base station. New 10 unit T Hangar constructed/concrete floors & ramp
1997 ---- New ALP Hub+Garver, partial
1998 ---- Acquired 1.6 acres adjacent to airport. Purchase ground equipment. New hangar built Meridith Trust. Demolition of old T Hangar unit south end ramp area. Fuel tank replacement per federal guidelines. New ALP & Environmental Assessment Hub+Garver, partial
1999 ---- Mogas Tank removed. Environmental Assessment approved by FAA. New Minimum Standards approved and adopted. ALP completed and approved by FAA. Developed Airport Pavement Maintenance Program

2000 ---- Bird proofed new T Hangars. Completed Landscaping Terminal area. Airport Survey Updated. Runway & Taxiway Cracks filled, updated PMP. DBE Program filed with FAA.
2001 ---- Purchased additional (190 acres) 142 acres for runway project. Applied FAA Land Acquisition project. Applied FAA Runway 17/35 Project Pre-Design Phase 1. Demolition of existing hangar for new runway project.
2002 ---- Purchased ground equipment. Installed Direct Weather Access computer, software & high-speed modem for pilot use. Road Closing 40th Ave. North for new runway project. Received FAA Grant Land Acquisition. Demolition of existing hangar for new runway project.
Applied to KDOT for AWOS Installation Grant. Renewed engineer contract with Garver Engineers, LLC. Received KDOT AWOSIII P/T automated weather system 75/25 Grant.
Received FAA Runway 17/35 Runway Project Phase 1 Pre-Design Grant
2003 ---- NOAA Airport Survey completed. Pre-Design Phase 90% Complete Plans & Specifications. Received FAA Approval Pre-Design & Authorization for Project Bid Ads.
Bid Opening for New Runway 17/35. Applied FAA Runway 17/35 Project Phase II.
Received FAA Runway 17/35 Runway Project Phase II Grant. Awarded Bid Contract New Runway 17/35. Ground-Breaking New Runway 17/35, 4200' length/100' width to include new rotating beacon tower, new wind cone, new runway end lighting system, Pilot remote lighting system, Pilot Approach Path Indicator system (PAPI's) and access connector from existing runway (new taxiway) to new runway. Purchased new T Hangar snow removal equipment.
Began new Runway 17/35 Project
2004 --- Received Taxiway/Ramp Rehabilitation Grant 95/5. New Runway 17/35 Completed, Open August 27. Began Taxiway/Ramp Rehabilitation Project. Began AWOS installation.
Applied for FAA Airport Improvement Grant South Taxiway/Ramp. Applied for KDOT Airport Improvement Grant T Hangar Approaches. Applied for RBE Grant Airport Feasibility Study.
Purchased new self-recoil hose reel. Purchased new snow removal equipment
2005 --- Taxiway/Ramp Rehabilitation Completed, Open April 27. AWOS Installation Completed. Began Airport Layout Plan Update. Applied for FAA funds for Airport Master Plan.
Applied for FAA funds for South Ramp rehabilitation. Applied for FAA/KDOT funds for north T hangar ramp.
2007-- Bucher Willis & Ratliff hired to update Airport Master Plan. Formed AMA Jet Ralley in cooperation with local AMA members. Purchased 1989 Garsite 3000 gallon Jet A refueler.
2018-- Runway Extension Project
A three phase project that started in the summer of 2017 was completed in the Fall of 2018. The project included a runway extension that extended the runway to the north 1000’. It also re-designated the runway 18/36. The extension increases the overall length to 5200’; which will increase traffic at the airport and allow larger aircraft to utilize a smaller airport and still have access to the surrounding area. This project also included re-marking the entire runway and some lighting up dates. A few other upgrades that were made during this project include removal of the sewer lagoons, and transitioning all the airports sewer system onto the City of Wellingtons Sewer System.