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Museums in Wellington

Chisholm Trail Museum

The Chisholm Trail Museum is located 502 N. Washington Avenue. The museum is housed in the historic Hatcher Hospital building and has thousands of items on display. From military items to artifacts from early local businesses and antique furniture and items brought by earlier pioneer wagons and cowboys traveling the Chisholm Trail. Visit the Chisholm Trail Museum website for more details.

National Depression Glass Museum

The National Depression Glass Museum is located at 107 N. Washington Avenue. The museum is dedicated to preserving the history and products of the U.S. glass industry, with a special emphasis on the glass of the Depression Era. In addition to the vast displays of glass, you will find examples of the equipment used by the workers, as well as the paper history of the companies they worked for. Visit the National Glass Museum website for more details.

Panhandle Railroad Museum

The Panhandle Railroad Museum is located at 425 E. Harvey. Exhibits include various furniture pieces used throughout the Santa Fe system, uniforms worn by the trainmen and safety items used by all employees. Also featured are clocks and watches, which were vital to the safe movement of trains before the signal system was put in place. You will also find a vast array of everyday tools, old and new, that were utilized by the railroad workforce.