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Setting Services

Setting New Services

To set new services for a property the following is required from the customer:

  • A current photo identification.
  • Social Security number (Social Security card or a legal document showing SSN).
  • Proof of ownership or occupancy for the property in the name of the customer.
    If the property was purchased by the customer, written verification of purchase showing buyer, seller, and address. (A copy of the summary page of the closing documents would provide the necessary information.)
    If the customer is renting/leasing the property, a Notice of Occupancy form signed by the property owner is required. (The form may be submitted to the Utility office by the property owner.)
  • Utility deposit. A deposit of $100.00 is required for electric service and a deposit of $50.00 for water services. If the customer had a previous account with a past due amount sent to a collection agency, an additional deposit amount may be required.
  • Service connect fee. A non-refundable connect fee of $10.00 for electric and $10.00 for water plus applicable tax. The customer may pay when setting new services or may choose to have it billed on the first utility billing statement.

Upon providing the required documentation, the customer is required to sign a Utility Service Contract. The Service Contract contains the Connection Policy including the following information:

  • All bills for utility service are due and payable on the first day after the billing date shown on the bill. If not paid on or before the date stated on the bill, the bill will become delinquent for all customers the 20th day after the date of the bill. The Utility Office is directed to send notices to all customers who have not then paid the preceding month’s utility bill, or bills, notifying such customers of the total amount of utility bills then owed, advising them that If such are not paid in full within (7) days of date of such notice that such utility service will be discontinued. Any customer receiving such notice concerning said unpaid utility bill/s shall have the right to appear and be heard concerning the same prior to the expiration of the (7) days by contacting the City Utility Office in the City Building. If the total amount due for such utilities and service is not paid on or before the deadline established, the billings determined to be proper according to the ordinances of the City of Wellington, and the records show that the customer has had due notice of such billings and of his/her right to be heard concerning the same, then the Utility Office shall cause such services to be discontinued.
  • A re-connection charge for utilities disconnected due to delinquency shall be as follows:
  • There shall be a SERVICE CONNECT FEE OF $10.OO FOR WATER AND $10.00 FOR ELECTRIC. The SERVICE CONNECT FEE is non-refundable.
  • All outstanding utility bills must be paid in full prior to transfer of service from one address to another.
  • The City Utility Office shall require a cash deposit of no less than $50.00 for water service and no less than $100.00 for electric service. Failure to comply with the deposit requirement shall be cause for immediate discontinuance of service. The deposit shall be refundable following demonstration of satisfactory payment record for an ensuing 12 month continuous period for residential accounts and 24 months for all other accounts. Interest will be credited to each account on the January 15th and February 1st billing of each year at the rate set by Kansas Corporation Commission.

Other charges such as trash collection, sewer service, or any other applicable charges are declared to be an inseparable part of the total utility bill, and subject to the foregoing collection rules and regulations.

At the time of setting services, the customer may also complete a Release of Customer Information Authorization Form should the customer wish to provide authorization to the City to release account information to another party and for the party to make changes to the account.  The Authorization Form may be completed by the account holder (customer) at any time in the future.

Service Activation

When a service request is made and completed prior to 4:30 p.m., providing there are no problems with the electrical service at the property, services can generally be set the same day of request.