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Memorial Auditorium

The Memorial Auditorium is a 1,200 plus capacity auditorium including a stage with office and lobby space in the front of the building. It was constructed in 1922. A renovation was completed in 2011 to address accessibility and included adding an elevator, accessible restrooms, a wheel chair lift and ADA seating areas. The facility is available for rent for special events, including concerts, fundraisers, wedding receptions, reunions, and holiday parties.

The City contracts with the Wellington Area Chamber of Commerce for the management and scheduling of events in the Auditorium. The Chamber Office is located in the facility. For additional information and for renting the facility visit the Chamber’s Memorial Auditorium webpage. The City contracts with the Wellington Recreation Center for the daily routine maintenance tasks at the facility. The Public Works Director is responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of the facility.

The Sumner County Historical and Genealogical Society utilizes a space in the facility.

The Veteran’s Room is a small museum dedicated to the Veterans in Sumner County. The Veteran’s Room is open to visitors on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day and at other times as scheduled.

The Memorial Auditorium Board, appointed by the City Council, serves as an advisory committee to the Council. The Board reviews and recommends actions that affect the use, maintenance, and operation of the Memorial Auditorium and the adjoining Heritage Park.



The Memorial Auditorium originated from an idea by Wellington Attorney Ed Hackney in December of 1918. Mr. Hackney realized that Wellington needed to have “a building that will be of service to the people of the city”. He stated that, “above all things, we need an auditorium and a gymnasium”.

In January of 1919, a committee was formed to guide the building of an auditorium to serve as a memorial to Wellington and Sumner County soldiers. In April of that year, the Mayor signed a resolution for the voters to issue $140,000 in bonds. That same month, the people voted to build “Liberty Hall”, which later came to be known as our Wellington “Memorial Auditorium”. Construction began November 13, 1921 and was completed approximately one year later for a cost of $137,488.41.