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Sidewalk Replacement Program


The City will cost-share with a property owner and reimburse up to $2.75 per sq. ft. for 50 linear feet or less of replaced sidewalk, up to a maximum of $550.00 or $2.25 per sq. ft. for 51 linear feet up to 75 linear feet with a maximum reimbursement of $675.00.  Only the sidewalk running parallel with the street is eligible for reimbursement. The program does not cover sidewalk connecting to the street, front of the structure or running along the side or rear of a property.

Property owner may perform the work or hire a Contractor. All new sidewalks must be constructed of concrete and to current City sidewalk standards and is subject to preliminary, pre-pour and final inspection.  Failure to schedule an inspection shall disqualify the project from this program.

Property owners located on a corner will need to meet City established elevations in order to ensure ADA compliance for a curb ramp.  This can be determined during the preliminary inspection. City will construct required curb ramps on corners and therefore will determine stopping/starting point for replacement sidewalk.
Sidewalk Program Application Form

Current City Sidewalk Standards:

  • 5 ft. wide – minimum or match adjoining if wider
  • 4 in. thick, except where it crosses a driveway at least 6 in. thick
  • Construction joint or concrete cut every 6 ft. or less
  • Expansion joint every 50 ft.
  • Well-compacted subgrade
  • Minimum of 3,500 lb. Concrete with wire mat and must come from approved ready-mix provider.
  • All form lumber used must be minimum of 2 in. nominal.